Gluten Free Bakery

Gluten Free Bakery:

Over 5 years of experience in the UAE with gluten free customized cakes, cookies, breads, pitas, sandwiches, & pizzas, & more than 12 years of Gluten Free baking. Fab Cakes Dubai is your one stop gluten free bakery solution to all your gluten free needs. For absolutely & fabulously gluten free food in Dubai, please call or Whatsapp us on +971524884035 for options, delivery areas, & pricing.

Gluten Free Cakes:

All our cake designs can be made Gluten Free! Wide range of designs and shapes for our Celiac friends with an unprecedented choice of flavors absolutely & fabulously Gluten Free.

Additionally; our vanilla, lemon and traditional pound cakes make excellent tea time snacks.

Gluten Free Bakes:

Gluten Free Cookies & Cup Cakes
Gluten Free Cookies & Cup Cakes


Fresh Gluten Free cookies are made with flours milled by us to ensure 100% contamination-free baking.

Options:  chocolate cookies, chocolate chip cookies, almond cookies, our savory line includes butter, cumin, cinnamon, cheese, & ginger cookies

Gluten-free Breads:

Sandwich bread loaves, high protein bread loaves, naan bread, & pita bread made from fine gluten free flours and gels.

Image of unbelievably moist gluten free bread loaf at our gluten free bakery
Gluten Free Sandwich Bread Loaf


Base: Thin crust or regular

Toppings: Cheese & Pepperoni, All Greens (Vegetables, Chicken Chunks, Cheese Overload)

Sizes: Regular or Large

BUILD YOUR OWN PIZZA: Choose an option from on top or tell us what you would like (one day advance orders only)

Pre Mixes:

Multi-purpose Flours:

We have perfected the Multi-purpose Gluten-Free Flour for you! With certified Gluten Free gels and softeners and flours milled by us, the foundation is ready for a fun, fuss-free baking weekend. Good for breads, cakes, pizzas, & pitas


Ready to cook pre-mixed naan bread sachets, all you need to do is add a few common household ingredients for fresh home-made gluten free naan!

Fab Cakes Gluten Free Menu
Fab Cakes Gluten Free Menu